2nd International Workshop On Plasma Agriculture
March 9-11 2018 at Takayama Civic Cultural Hall, Takayama, Gifu, Japan


Related Fields

  1. Decontamination of seeds while in storage;
  2. Enhancement of seed germination and/or plant growth;
  3. Capture of atmospheric nitrogen in water to be used as fertilizer;
  4. Reduction of pathogen invasion of soils and/or liquids;
  5. Air cleaning, sterilization, and removal of volatile organic compounds;
  6. Treatment, sterilization, and cleaning of water used for washing products;
  7. Disinfection of products before packaging;
  8. Air cleaning, sterilization, and removal of volatile organic compounds in the package;
  9. Control of pests and pathogens at the in-store display case and in-store storage;
  10. Removal of ethylene from air to reduce rate of aging;
  11. Sterilization of cutting boards, knives, and other food processing equipment;
  12. Plasma-assisted destruction of hazardous waste;
  13. Plasma-assisted waste-to-energy conversion;
  14. Fishery applications;
  15. Environmental applications;
  16. Related Science and Technologies;
  17. Others